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Minggu, 31 Januari 2016

Minimalist house design classics and the latest Go Green

A classic minimalist house design usually used to benchmark makes modern minimalisthouse design. However the menu depending on the concept that will be created can give a unity between the design one with other designs. Classic home usually oneHouse that can take advantage of existing land although later we are very narrow andminimal. This gives a brilliant idea in order to later make a classic House in accordance with your wishes and tastes provided by every people who build it.

In terms of the classical minimalist house exterior
In terms of the exterior of the House has a very specific classical forms a sturdy Houseand there are strict geometric lines and thick. This line became one of the distinctive features of a classic minimalist home. Horizontal and vertical line usually give one of domination of exterior side. Even the stripes are much used by means of repetition. In addition the width of the impression of the classic home payed more noticeably ifviewed from the front of the invisible visible or not. This gives one the quality of classichomes for the placement of the room with a narrow land. The placement of the air vents and Windows very strategic functions give one advantage in space light thatenters in the minimalist house with nice and evenly.

In terms of classic home interior minimalist
In terms of interior offered a classic minimalist House provides one model home that is somewhat complicated but the impression given is very comfortable and elegant forthat use the home as a place to live. A classic minimalist house usually provide a very effective sketches by utilizing furniture that is used in any room and give one the concept of harmonization among which uses classical, minimalist house design.

Minimalist house design classics and the latest Go Green

It's what makes a classic minimalist house made the pilot House of the various designswhich are currently emerging and popular among the design houses that are being designed. By using the concept and the classic house design minimalist, will give one of the latest ideas and different and makes the desired house design into one home that provide comfort and maximum safety and fun.

Minimalist House Design Go Green
Many circles that use minimalist house design concepts go green since gives aatmosphere, neat and clean as well as give one health for occupants. Homes go greendoes not have to be there the garden in front of his house, but reflects the cleanliness and give one a simple concept and yet full of plants both inside and outside the home.This has to be dominated in order to get a healthy home and provide comfort for its occupants.

One example of a minimalist go green house is the House of the type 60 which have a fairly large building area that provides a concept of green spaces more starting from the front and back of the House. Usually the House type 60 is made with 2 floors in size that fits your wishes and can accommodate the whole family. Usually among theuse of this type of House is among the medium sized up as prices and making pretty much pulled out of funds. For each room that will be used always are givensystematically and its spatial nothing empty and futile.

Minimalist house design classics and the latest Go Green

Usually this type of 60 homes provide a beautiful family room with add green plants in it. Usually placed in the corner of the room to make it look healthy homes and provideits own coolness. To the 2nd floor, usually his minimalist house design exactly the same as the 1st floor only changed in various rooms. By using this type of 60 homes,residents can freely make a garden around the House with the pool on the side or in the back of the House. In addition, to give the impression of a warm, minimalist homebased usually go green always drape the plants that fit in any room. It could also be of plant by attaching at the wall. This needs to be designed it to creativity.

Thus, for the election of minimalist homes go green not to miss the gardens there are usually in the front and back of the House. The garden can also be put on the inside ofthe House but everything in accordance with the wishes of each. Therefore, it must be specific to the election and minimalist-based home builder go green.

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