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Minggu, 31 Januari 2016

Minimalist house Modern Japan Style According the principle of Yin and Yang

Decorating styles on Japanese modern minimalist house lately more impressed beingwesternized. Instead of the traditional Japan homes or typical of Japan. In Japan, the room inside the House should be laid out so well because it reflects the character ofthe home for residents and for the environment. The first thing that characterizes the House Japan is a place to put some stuff that was placed near the entrance. As the room which for anyone can leave shoes and footwear in order not to reduce clutterand well mixed. It is the culture of the people of Japan when homeless people usingJapan tatami. Even though nowadays many houses already built, modern but traditionstill holds. For example put a shoe near the entrance. It means separating the busynessand tranquility when in the House.

There are some differences between Japan's House and Western-style houses, such as:

  • Guest rooms at the House of Japan is very multifaceted, sometimes used forbedrooms.
  • Bathroom functions to Japan, people separate toilet with washbasin.
  • Put the special slippers in the bathroom.
Minimalist house Modern Japan Style According the principle of Yin and Yang

Here's a little about minimalist home are there in Japan are:

-The most common Paint Color is the color of white.
-Black color to base in order to give effect highlights.
-Decorating a harmonious ambience is created with the appropriate principles of Yin and Yang.
-Texture applied to decoration is the cedar as a wall, use a stone for Bamboo flooring, most furniturenya from rattan and cushion.

Organize a furniture element harmonisnya should exist between furniture with each other. For example, in the middle of the room was made the focal point. All the focusfixed on the room. Can by placing a garden stone mini. The most important thing to note is when he wanted to design a minimalist house modern Japanese-style try do not put excessive and accent furniture. Because the concept of house design minimalistis Japan give priority to appropriate harmonization of Yin and Yang.

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