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Rabu, 03 Februari 2016

Get to know the Wood for Furniture and how to choose it

Choose the furniture of the House is a question that is not easy. In addition you must think to question the cost, you must also ensure thatthe appropriate furniture Home theme, and can be combined with the right. But for those of you who are interested in the look unique and different, as well as look more natural, thenwood furniture can be a good choice.

There are many reasons to choose wood furniture. This is some of them:
-Provided that the level of violence is matched, there are many types of wood that can beselected.
-Because it is easily processed, you will find many style furniture.
-Texture of wood is beautiful and natural,making your home look more natural and artistic.
-Durability is good enough, especially if you wear solid wood.
-Easy in Indonesia.

The types of wood used to make furniture itselfthere are diverse, with flaws and benefits. This issome of them:
1. solid wood
Most powerful and durable, with the most flattering results. But it takes the skill of the maker, and they're expensive. An example is theteak, mahogany, Acacia, and trembesi.

Get to know the Wood for Furniture and how to choose it

2. Plywood
Plywood or triplex formed from sheets of woodthat are glued together wearing high pressure.Its thickness determines its strength. The mostwidely used because the price is cheaper thansolid wood.

3. Particle board
The rest of the wood splinters like TODO andpieces of wood, and sawdust, are glued together with chemicals and high pressure, and then dried. The price is very cheap, but weak ifexposed to water.

4. Blockboad
Wood boxes are small, solidified machine andcoated venner so as boards. The wood is soft,not as strong as plywood, but pretty good for a shelf or kitchen appliance.

5. Wood MDF
Medium Density Fibreboard short for, i.e.sawdust and resin material bonded to the process just like plywood. Eco-friendly, flexible,and easy to set up.

To help you choose from the many types ofwood is, do this:
-Take a look at the types of wood on the topand learn the weakness and strength, to knowwhat kind of furniture would they generate.
-Adjust the price of the furniture will bepurchased with the budget that you have,because the wooden furniture is quiteexpensive.
-Direct the furniture-making visit to see howsubtle, or not finishing..
-Strength and construction. Feel free to check out the screws, nails, glue, without derit, and felthis own strength.
-Colors, design, and fit with the overall concept of the House.

Wooden furniture is a popular furniture, withexciting and quality that is also reliable. But youshould also remember, wood has weaknesseslike termites, weak with water, and also prone tofires. This means that you really have to pickgood materials if you want Your furniture is durable, cheap, and that is one more thing that at this time there have been many online furniture and indeed competent in their fieldcan be used as a place to buy online.

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